Preschool Sunday School


John the Baptist Foretold                                        God heals Naaman


Solomon Builds a Temple                              David breaks God’s commandment and repents


The Ark of God is Holy                                                 God calls Samuel

Hats, Hats, Hats                                                          Beautiful Feet


Everybody Eats Bread!                                                 Homes Around the World

Introducing Missions to Preschoolers                        God calls Gideon


God proves Himself Powerful and Faithful                  Israel Complains

God Gives Israel 10 Commandments                     The Lord delivers Israel from Amalek


God rescues Israel by parting the Red Sea                       God passes over Israel


God Sends Plagues on Egypt                                           God sends Moses to Pharaoh


God Calls Moses to Deliver Israel                                        Moses Flees Egypt

 God Preserves Moses                                             God reunites Joseph and his brothers

God preserves his people in famine                             Joseph’s brothers sell him into slavery

God gives Joseph dreams                                              God gives Jacob a Dream

God confuses languages at Babel                               God judges the world and sends a flood



The Curse {Man disobeys God}                                     God saves a jailer

Paul preaches boldly in the name of the Lord             Saul, a chosen instrument of God

Jesus speaks to Saul                                                           God sends Philip to guide an Ethiopian


The Gospel                                                                     He is Risen

A dark night in the garden                                              The servant king


The Holy Spirit gives healing power to Peter and John         Power From on High

Jesus appears to Thomas                                                    King of the Jews

Let him be crucified                                                             Peter denies Jesus


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