Cousin Camp

I have a really awesome family. Very supportive and fun and generous. We are all pretty spread out geographically, but once a year my mother-in-law pulls us all together, and I am so thankful. Although we have had reunions every summer since babies started popping into the picture this year was the first annual Cousin Camp! I arrived a little late to the scene (4 hours) and by the time I arrived grandma had already taught the campers their camp theme song {You are My Sunshine} and helped them decorate their camp shirts! The next six days were a whirlwind of all the things: movies, swimming, museums, playing at home, laughing, hugging, biting {betcha can’t guess who got his badge in that activity}.


There were even treats for the grownups, like a night out on the town and a girls afternoon of pedicures! I put together a little video of our week on that video app I was telling you about, Animoto. Take a look!

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