Insta Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve linked up with Life Rearranged Friday Instagram party. So here is what’s up with us according to my phone :)

Broke my favorite bowl. We were given this as a wedding gift. It was my popcorn bowl. Sad day.fave bowl

Getting excited about this! Operation Christmas Child!!!

s purse

Hosted a surprise (sorta) birthday cookout for my friend and found an excuse to practice chalkboard art.


Someone forgot to get dressed. Lazy bum.


Baked my new favorite cookie. (Super easy and sooooo good!)

yummy cookies

Noticed that my carpet is dirty. I guess those cleaning fairies have been forgetting to come while I’m sleeping again.


Monkey celebrated “Constitution Day” at school and made a rockin’ hat.

Cday hat

Daddy went on a trip and brought everyone new shirts. As you can see, Little Dude clearly needs one.

new shirts

Library story time, how we missed you over the summer!!


Weekend vaca to Kansas City to watch the Rangers beat up on the Royals.

rangers ranger game

Tiger loves him some baseball!

lovin bball

Brothers show affection in the strangest ways.

brother love

Made banana bread with eight preschoolers :)

banana bread

First bonfire of the season with our lovely small group from church, and SMORES!!

first fall


6 thoughts on “Insta Friday

  1. Fun fun. Instagram/camera are the thing I miss most about having a smart phone! Thanks for sharing :) You forgot about your acting debut!!

  2. Your chalkboard art is amazing!
    I had a problem with dirty carpet last week too (and it’s still waiting to be cleaned)!
    Small group over a bonfire is the best :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. love following your families blog. your kids are soooo cute . could I get the recipe for the chocolate cookies? those looked so good

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