The Dairy Free Table {A guest post by Tonya Ferguson}

I am not a foodie, I pretty much stick to recipes and traditional meals passed down from my mom and mom-in-law. I am feeling a little stuck with these allergies. Every day when the little hand finds it’s way to the six, the number one thing on my wish list is a family dinner where everyone eats the same thing. But, I’m never really sure what to feed the crew that Tiger can eat too.

06_stdAnd who can leave this cutie out? Good thing its not what you know, but who you know.

My friend Tonya is simply amazing in lots of ways, including all things food. She is creative and healthful, and a great role model for feeding kids family food {aka: not hot dogs and PB&Js while mom and dad dine on chicken cacciatore}. I messaged her late one night in a moment of weakness while staring at a blank menu plan and boy did she deliver…. Take it away Tonya!

Hi everyone, my name is Tonya! This is me…..

1950's mom

Ok, not really, but I tell you what, I was born in the WRONG era! I would’ve loved to cook over a turquoise stove in my cute outfit and heels. And hats, don’t get me started on those hats with the veils!!!


Anyhow, this is the real me….except with way shorter hair now.

Blog picture lg txt

Sweet Elizabeth asked me to guest post at her blog today, and I am honored to be here. Before we get on to Dairy Free Dinners, let me tell you a little about myself….

I am a stay at home Momma to my 4 little ones.


I am into full fat cooking, limiting TV time to promote reading, family time around the dinner table at the end of a long day, being fully honest with my kids about the big issues using simple, truthful facts, teaching first time obedience, and limiting busyness so we can just BE together every evening!

I blog about Faith, Food, Family, Photography & Fun over at 4 little Fergusons.

Today is a big stretch for me, like I said, I am a full fat cook, which means lots of dairy! I went through my WHOLE blog to find some dairy free, or almost dairy free recipes, that you can tweek and make your own, per your child’s dairy limitations.

Elizabeth’s little boy is 13 months old, so some of this is going to seem “too big” for him. But I have to tell you, I started my kids eating a variety of flavors and textures from the get go, like baked sweet potatoes, smashed avocados, black beans and rice, refried beans in a whole wheat tortilla…they loved it! And when you start them this way, they never know ANY different! I believe Picky Eaters are made, not born, so you better believe I do what I can to make that the truth at our house! :)

Below is the list of recipes I want to share, if you want to be taken to the recipe, simply click the title or photo, and a new window will open.

Great to meet you, hope these recipes can give you inspiration for new Dairy Free Dinners at your house!


Ham Bone Soup with Homemade Cornbread: Cheap & Delicious!

Talk to Elizabeth about substitutions for the dairy found in this yummy homemade, whole wheat corn bread. I read Almond Milk could work, or Coconut water.

Ham Bone Soup

While we are discussing Cornbread, check out this Taco Cornbread Pizza, just leave off the creamy stuff for your kiddos with allergies.


Tex Mex Brats & Beans: Delicious and as simple as opening a few cans and jars. {Obviously you would skip the sour cream and cheese garnish}

Tex Mex Brats & Beans txt

Curly Noodle Pork Supper:  I just took my kitchen sheers and snipped this really small {for my babies} . I also would make sure the broccoli is nice and steamed.  You can limit salt intake by not using both packets of Ramen seasoning.


BBQ Beef Bundles: Leave off cheese for baby, and steam some peas & carrots to tuck down inside their meat cup.


Peppered Beef & Snow Peas with Brown Rice Bake: Your baby is eating like a KING now! :) This one is tasty, and could easily be snipped into baby sized pieces for easy feeding. Just steam baby’s portion of snow peas extra long until very soft! This can be done in a small sauce pan with just a tiny splash of water, place lid on a continue steaming at a low heat.

Baked Brown Rice is sooo simple! And the chicken broth adds amazing flavor to the overall dish.

Shhh! Top Secret Pot Roast: Don’t tell, but my secret ingredient is Creamy Horseradish, in the case of a dairy allergy, I’d do regular horseradish, and rub it into the meat good. It cooks away leaving the most unique amazing flavor. Even non-horseradish fans love it, and can’t put their finger on what makes it so uniquely delicious! :) This meal is so nice and soft for baby to chew, just snip with scissors to make fine pieces of meat, and mash the potatoes and carrots a bit.


Korean Style Noodle Bowls: Better then Chinese Take Out! And what kid doesn’t love noodles?!

Settlers Beans: Calling all Cow Pokes! If a big cast iron pot full of beans makes your heart flutter, then you will LOVE these Settler’s Beans. And besides, beans are such a great protein for your baby! Just use your immersion blender and give it a few zaps to break up some of the bigger chunks. The beans should be melt in your mouth soft by the time you are done slow cooking this, so you may not even need to!


Savory Mini Meatloaf with Savory Sauce: Serve with homemade mashed potatoes and steamed green beans. Snip baby a small bowl full mixed up, and let them dig in!

Tangy Mini Meatloaf with Savory Sauce

Bierocks: Easier then they sound, and all kinds of good!

Bierocks collage

Thanks Tonya, you are a life-saver!! As for some easy dairy substitutions, I would recommend almond milk for baking, rice milk for mashed potatoes, coconut oil for butter in baking, olive oil for butter when you sauté.

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to dig into these yummy dinners!



13 thoughts on “The Dairy Free Table {A guest post by Tonya Ferguson}

  1. What a great post! I am one of Tonya’s biggest fans (along with you, it sounds like!=). She IS amazing and I so appreciate her parenting style. Thanks to both of you for sharing this great list of YUM that I’m sure many moms will find helpful.

  2. I am dairy-free too! One of the easiest things I figured out to do is to focus on getting a protein, fruit/veggie, and carb on the table, rather than trying to make an all-in-one meal! For example, BBQ rotisserie chicken, roasted asparagus and mushrooms, and rice, noodles, or rolls (baked with almond milk). Let me know of you ever need more recipes! :)

  3. Thanks for this post… My just 1 year old is the only in our house that has dairy allergy and I have the exact problem as u. She wants to eat what we do but i struggle to cook family meals that everyone can enjoy that are dairy free. I am excited to try some of these recipes!

      • We did the BBQ beef bundles and the beef with snow peas so far… They were both amazing! Can’t wait to try more. I was really struggling with meals lately and this blog post has me on a roll now! Thanks Again… So glad I found this post

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