Leaf garland {another DIY}

After yesterday’s post several people asked the same questions concerning the wax leaf frames, so I figure I will answer them on here in case anyone else was wondering. The wax I used to preserve the leaves is paraffin wax, which I found in the candle making aisle at Hobby Lobby for $3.50. The burlap was also from Hobby Lobby. I found it on a bolt and had a choice of several colors. The price for the burlap was $2.99/yard and I purchased half a yard and had a bunch left over, but that will depend on the size of your frames. Also, when you melt the wax I would recommend you do so in a bowl that’s not near and dear to your heart. It is pretty difficult to get out. If you want to salvage your bowl, put it in the freezer until the wax is hard, then it should slip right out. I still had a wax residue on my bowl which I rubbed off with me fingers. Let me know if there are any other questions!

Now for another use for your leaves. I grabbed a needle and some thick thread and strung leaves together to form a garland. I still have several leaves left so I night just throw them in an apothecary jar for a centerpiece.

Have fun decorating!

Elizabeth Ann


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