Heat and boredom busters {Day 3}

Yesterday we finally decided to venture out of the house. We went over to a friends’ house so the kids could play with their best buds and I could see their new baby.

So sweet! It is amazing how eight short months go by and I forget that Baby used to look like this

Oh, babies! Love, love, love them! Maybe that’s why I keep having them…

Anyway, after we came home from our playdate the kids took a nice long nap and then we broke out the rainbow macaroni!!!  

Bear's creation

And one for daddy. Go Rangers!

Sorry the pictures are fuzzy, I guess I wasn’t paying much attention to the camera settings.

After around 45 minutes of macaroni fun, we decided it was time to cook something tasty.

Yummy! These won’t last long around here. I hope you are enjoying your hot summer days, even if you have to stay indoors!

Elizabeth Ann


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