Heat and boredom busters {day 1}

Yesterday we made pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes are always a great way to get a Monday morning started out right! I can always count on the kids jumping up and down screaming PANCAKES!! That’s a good feeling. I let them pull up some chairs and help me measure, pour, and stir. They really like to help me cook and I am happy to have them in the kitchen {most of the time…} Maybe someday they’ll cook for me! We managed to get out of the house for a few errands and then came home for the rest of the day. To beat the heat {and the boredom} we made juice popsicles, a summer favorite passed down from my dear mama. My mom gave me these cute mini popsicle molds a few years ago. Monkey and I filled one set with pink lemonade and one set with orange juice. Yum! Here’s a tip: if you let your preschooler pour, but the molds on a cookie sheet or in a pan of some kind, there will be a mess.

Even Baby got to enjoy some frozen goodness!

Craft time was spent making placemats. Bear was not interested, so Monkey and I worked on hers. We used a small piece of posterboard as the background and picked out some pretty paper from my scrapbooking stash. She traced a plate, a cup, a spoon, and a fork on the back of her paper and we worked on cutting the shapes out together very carefully. She is getting better at cutting but still goes a little too fast to keep things neat. However, she did comment on how good of a cutter I am, thankyouverymuch :)

After glueing the pieces onto the posterboard we printed out the words for each shape and added them to the placemat. Monkey is working on reading, she has 3 letter words down pretty well, but I thought it would be beneficial to have these dinner-time vocabulary words staring at her every evening. Here is her completed mat:

I am going to add some activities to the back that she can work on with a dry-erase marker and then get the whole thing laminated. What activities might I add? I’m glad you asked…

a maze, name tracing, a tree with apples to count, a mad lib story {Come up with a story, then leave blanks for key words. They can fill in the blanks with new words each time and see how the story changes.}, a tic-tac-toe board, sight words to practice reading, an outline of a boy and girl {She can add faces and clothes.}, a map of the United States…

Those were our heat and boredom busters for yesterday. Come back tomorrow for more! And leave me some comment love if you have your own ideas!

Thanks for reading!

Elizabeth Ann

2 thoughts on “Heat and boredom busters {day 1}

  1. Play indoor hide and seek. Also, more for Bear make a roadway that can go over couch mountains and such. To help with laundry and packing up too small of clothes have a “It’s too big, it’s too small” fashion show.

    Great blog. I so remember juice popcicles!!!

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