Simply Nesting… Post Baby: The Laundry Room

The focus this week was the laundry room. My room is in our basement amid craft supplies and storage boxes. Our washer and dryer are hand-me-downs times 4 so when I focus to much on them I find myself dreaming new pretty ones. But a little spit and polish cleaned them right up and helped me realize that the money we could spend on an updated washer and dryer could be spent more responsibly, and to be thankful that I have a working washer and dryer that we didn’t really have to pay for. It helps to have little contentment reminders every now and then! Here are the before and after shots of my laundry space.


3 thoughts on “Simply Nesting… Post Baby: The Laundry Room

  1. Yay! What a great job. Doesn’t it feel sooo good to have a clean place to…”do cleaning?” Thanks for participating! (And, you did just fine with linking…I think next time, you just need to click on your actual post, and copy the url of the post name for it to link directly to that particular post and not to your blog in general.) Thanks, Elizabeth Ann!

  2. I just noticed that the link is no longer on my post. Did you take it off, or did something happen to it? Just wanted to double check with you. You have until midnight tonight to post your link to this blog post. Thanks, again! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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